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Creality CR-7 3D Printer


No Acrylic,No Wood, we use all Aluminum Parts . Exclusive design of all-metal parts are essential for high precision printing .

Spare parts installation needs 1 hour,it can be finished quick!while other DIY printers need more then 5 hours .We have an absolute advantage

Spare parts Kit

Semifinished Kit

Safe,Imported plug type power adapter with electricacl safety

display module with Blue backlight, small and light appearance

12864LCD display module with Blue backlight, small and light appearance,Intuitive interface,One-key knob,it is more easier to opeate

All round safety protection structure nozzle,prevent scald,prevent scratches,prevent electric shock

New upgrade T-type screw motor Precision grinding T-type screw,Integrated motor.Guaranteed print speed and accuracy

Glass fiber plate printing platform

Linear bearing system

Mini Version small print size printer
Small size print. Through the assembly, but also can play big model

Profile+pulley=zero gap fit

The frame of the Mini 3D printer use the newest V slot, brings high accuracy and low noise printing
Extruder structure
MK10-----: MK10 New extruder machanism to support more then 10 kinds of print filament
3D printing accessories injection manufacturers
Good quality ,high precision and longer life
Modeling technology Fused deposition modeling
Printing size 130*150*100mm
Machine size 325*290*280mm
Package size 370*167*315mm
N.W. 3.6kg
G.W. 5.3kg
Max traveling speed 100mm/s
Filament: 1.75 PLA, TPU Wood , Carbon fiber, Copper etc
Power requirements Rated voltage 110-220V, output 12V
Layer thickness 0.1-0.4mm adjustable
Nozzle diament 0.4mm(Standard)
Accuracy ±0.1mm
File Format STL,OBJ,Amf
Slice software Cura, Simplify 3D Repetier-host
Working Mode SD card Online or USB offline
Operation system WINXP MAC Linux Vista