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The 10th Shanghai International New Material Exhibition Launches and Creality 3D Shows with Special and Awesome Printers

Recently, the 10th Shanghai International New Material Exhibition, also called  "China New Materials First Exhibition", which was jointly organized by China Materials Research Association, China National Institute of Micron Nanotechnology, Shanghai Silicate Industry Association and Shanghai New Material Association was  solemnly held yesterday (May 14) at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center.

It is reported that this exhibition lasts for 3 days, regardless of the scale of the exhibition or the number of exhibitors are far more than before. The exhibition attracted exhibitors from more than 20 countries and regions, including Germany, South Korea, Italy, Britain, France, the United States, Turkey, India, Japan and Taiwan, to participate in the exhibition. The total number of exhibitors was nearly 500, and the whole is expected to attract Over 20,000 visitors from all over the world came to visit. Among them, Shenzhen, as the global “hardware innovation capital”, also organized a powerful exhibition group including the famous 3D printer manufacturer, such as the Creality 3D, to come to the exhibition, which was unprecedented.

According to reports, the Shenzhen exhibition group of this year's exhibition was organized by the Shenzhen Economic and Trade Commission and was responsible for the organization of the Shenzhen Orgnization of Industry and Commerce. Exhibitors were all well-known in the field of new materials and related equipment and instrument industry, "Shenzhen enterprise innovation record" and other honorary titles of representative companies. During the exhibition, companies from the Shenzhen delegation exhibited their latest innovations and were highly focused by the audience from all over the world.

As a evangelist in the 3D printing industry, Creality 3D also paid great attention to this year's Shanghai New Material Exhibition. Not only has it brought a new DLP light-cured 3D printer, DP002, which was launched this year, but it also attracted many popular 3D printers including DP001, CR-10, CR-5060 and CR-5080 in recent years. Many live audiences visited the booth.

With the advantages of fast curing, high molding precision, and perfect surface, totally meet the current market requirements for high-precision, high surface quality and other 3D printing, right now this kind of machine have already been widely used by users in dental prostheses, small-piece models, and hand panels. Production, jewelry, cast film and other fields.   is a integrated one-piece UV Light machine specifically for the light curing industry by Texas Instruments. form our collogues who had joined the exhibition, DP002 is a brand new DLP light-cured 3D printer with a core technology, which is a kind of DLP equipment, and   According to the introduction
What’ s more, in order to meet the needs of users in the field of dental 3D printing services, Creality 3D has not only developed a simple and easy-to-use software, but also developed two special consumables for DPF002 crown supplies and DPF004 dental mold consumables, which earns more customers’ perfection.

In addition,  our CR-10 3D printer also got a lot of attentions at the exhibition, As a kind of product with a high status in the hearts of overseas senior 3D printer players,CR-10 is totally a “celebrity”, our CR-10 had been sold all over the world , more importantly, the numbers of videos on YouTube related to CR-10  has more than 11.2 million.  It has a very high reputation and a lot of loyal fans, and it is favored by users at home and abroad.

At present, the 10th Shanghai International New Material Exhibition is still in progress. The person in charge of the Creality 3D exhibition team stated that the company, as a related equipment manufacturer in the field of new material applications, participated in the Shanghai New Material Exhibition and could not only take the opportunity to show the innovative research of the civil 3D printing industry in recent years for visitors from all over the world. at the same time, this exhibition as an important platform for new material manufacturers and material application equipment manufacturers to "face to face" information exchange, but also for the future both sides to strengthen cooperation and exchange, and jointly promote the rapid development of China's new materials and related equipment, instrument industry, create The favorable opportunity is full of benefits!