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  • Message: marko_fi@hotmail.comHI; When coming new Creality CR-10s with dual extrusion? I think that is killer! Br Marko


  • Message: rodrior1@gmail.comDear Team, do you have a Simplified 3D FFF Profile for the CR-10 S4 printer?

    Reply:YES, please tell me your email.Thanks

  • Message:Sales storedong6241@gmail.comIs the your official sale site? Please let me know. I have not yet recieved from them and was wondering if it was run by same company.


  • Message:Mrmymayancalender@yahoo.comHi Janet, We are looking for CR-10 standard version(300*300*400mm.) 3d printer for sporting good manufacturing in our company. Please let me know the availability of the product in your inventory, delivery time to Texas/United States and quote. Kind Regards, Mike


  • Message:creality3D CR7 minifgcp129@163.comI need a copy of creality3D CR7 mini\'s handbook. would you please send me by email. thx.


  • Message:Mark sagareseJack sagarese USA 703 -597-3794In March of 2017 I asked my Dad to purchase a Creality 3D printer (CR-10 3D Desktop DIY Printer). I had been saving for a long time, did my research and decided yours was best. On my first test print the print head (hot end) (became jammed, stuck and quickly snapped off. The screw in the red cooler block (i think) that holds the hot end to the printer nozzle is broken off. I am looking for replacement parts for a broken (2week old) CR10 Please let me know how you can help Thank you


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