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DLP 3D Printer for Jewery, Dental


DLP 3D Printer for Jewery, Dental

DP-002 DLP 3D Printer specification
Specification :
1. Primary attributes of the techonogy : LED UV resin , DLP 3d printer 
2. Max printing area :120*80*170mm
3. Resin type :405NM UV resin
4. Software :DLP Creator 
5. Light source service life:over 50,000 hours.
6. Accuracy :0.004mm
7. Layer thickness :0.005~0.1mm
8. Weight :25kg
9. Dimensions(L*W*H):380X320X700MM
10.Document file:STL,SLC
12.Gross Power:300W
13.Printing mode: USB offline printing.
14.Certification:CE  FCC  ISO
15. Max printing size : 30mm/hour
16:Application:Jewelry, dental, design
17. Brand Name : Creality 3d

DP-002 Product advantages
1.Texas instruments UV LED light source, service life up to 50,000 hours.
2.7-inch high definition touch screen, without computer connection, can support USB offline printing.
3.P0 level high-precision module,Printing accuracy is more accurate.
4.Unique material tray design method, easy and low-cost replacement of the separation film.
5.Support STL and Jewelry SLC files,Better application and jewelry area.
6.The platform can automatically adjust the flatness, simple and practical.
7.Powerful slice software can be manually and automatically added support.
8. With included anti-aliasing edge,The print effect is perfect.
9.Adjustable light intensity. Compatible with more consumables Can print common resin and cast resin.

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