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Creality official response for CR-10S source code
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Dear Customers,


Thank you for your support in the past four years. Creality is nothing without your reliance and supervision.

As the event of CR-10S source code, please see the below details.


It is well known that Marlin firmware is open sourcing to everyone. Firstly, we want to show our great respect and thankful to the owner of Marlin firmware, Creality admires their contribution in 3D printing industrial very much.


As a beneficiary, Creality 3D always continue the spirit of technology and data share. We focus on affordable top-quality 3D Printer, in order to share 3D printing technology to most of the customers.


In 2016, we spent hundreds of thousands RMB to cooperate with a third software company for Develop and Research new technical function but along with a confidential agreement.


Actually, Creality doesnt have the source code of CR-10S, we only got the HEX files for using.

And we need to pay RMB10.00 for every CR-10S we sold, as the respect to their achievement and the sponsor for their coming R&D items, then they will keep updating the function and technical to us once they succeed in future.

Thats the reason why Creality can not provide CR-10S source code.


Come back to the GPL agreement, as a 3D printer manufacturer,Creality should firstly obey. So we will share the source code which was developed by Creality R&D Team with language switching function and filament sensor.

But we are regret to say that these are not completely success, they may still have some bugs need to be fixed. And we sincerely hope that we will gain some support and feedback to improve our R&D capability.


In addition,Creality has increased the investment in R&D department, we hope we can bring some breakthroughs in new technologies in 2018, and we will share once we successful.


Whats more, Creality Corporate Purposes is to make Top-quality 3D printer, to be the Evangelist for 3D printing. We are grateful and want to give some back to the customers, so we released a new competitive machine---Ender-3 recently. All of the customers only need to pay about USD200 to gain it.It is not only reasonable cost for the beginners, but also with good performance for the specialist.


Again, thank you very much for your support, looking forward to your suggestions and supervisions in the coming days.


Best regards

Shenzhen Creality 3D Technology CO.,LTD.

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