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Silicon Carbon CR-10/10S Creality Heated Bed Build Surface Glass plate 310x310x3mm for MK2 MK3 Hot bed

Item No.: 20180529042
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Strong adhesion and clean removal!

1. Various types of consumables printing temperature: PLA50-65 degrees, TPU40-60 degrees, ABS80-120 degrees, PC100-125 degrees, PETG70-90 degrees, nylon 100-130 degrees!
2. This product is resistant to acid and alkali and has a high-temperature resistance of 400 degrees.
3. The first layer of the product has a hardness of 0.5H, which is easier to scratch, but the scratching does not affect the adhesion of the model;
4. This product will change color when rubbed repeatedly with alcohol, but it will not affect normal use;
5. This product will slightly enhance the viscosity of the platform and absorb oil when it is slightly wiped with alcohol. If you have to print a large model for a long time, you can use a paper towel or rag to dip it with alcohol, so as to ensure that the platform is powered off resume ability. (It only needs to be rubbed once with alcohol. It doesn't need to be rubbed every time it is printed. Repeated rubbing will not increase the viscosity more)
6. Should try to avoid repeated touch on the platform by hand to prevent serious sweat from touching the platform.
7. This product is treated with a special process, and there will be no glass crater anymore.