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3D printing technology was introduced to the beer company to achieve more solution

On May 22nd,  3D printing company Ultimaker announced that with the 3d printing solution provided by Ultimaker, Heineken has produced a wide range of custom tools and functional mechanical parts at its plant in Seville, Spain. This will not only improve the running time of the Heineken beer production line, but also save about 80% of the production cost of related parts through 3D printing.
By using all set of ultimakerS5 3D printer, Heineken's engineers are able to design and print more safe devices, tools and parts on demand, and totally get rid of the outsources suppliers.

In fact, Heineken have been using 3d printing technology for a year. Initially, 3d printers were primarily used to complete in-plant safety facilities. But the engineers quickly discovered that this kind of 3d printing technology also allows for the optimization of functional parts for machines on the production line, saving significant time and cost. right now, the main uses of 3d printing technology including:

1.Extend the running time of the production line
2.Optimize part design
3.Production control tools and maintenance tools
4.Solutions to improve operator safety

Isabelle Haenen, Heineken's global supply chain purchaser, said: "Although our application of 3D printing technology is still in its infancy, the application cost has been reduced by 70%-90%, and delivery time has been shortened by 70%-90%. Localized production help us significantly extended the run time of the production line, greatly increasing production efficiency and output."

In recent years, in order to improve production, quality and efficiency, many beer companies have introduced “black technology”.

Carlsberg: Beer Fingerprint Program
In November 2017, Carlsberg invested millions of dollars to start a three-year beer fingerprinting program. The project was developed in collaboration with Aarhus University and the Danish Technical University to measure and sense the taste and aroma of beer.

They produce more than 1,000 different beer samples every day and hope that the beer fingerprinting program will change the way new beer is produced. The project uses sensors to determine the taste fingerprint of each sample and analyze different yeasts. It is expected that the information extracted from these data collected by artificial intelligence systems will eventually be used to develop new beers. The system not only allows products to enter the market faster, but also helps ensure quality.

Earlier this year, Carlsberg Brewery also announced the launch of a new smart beer barrel. It can transmit the beer capacity, temperature, pressure, beer freshness and other information in the barrel to the cloud in real time, so that users of beer manufacturers, retail stores and consumers can view the wine related through the APP. Fresh information. Users can also use the background and client provided by the system to achieve 24-hour dynamic inventory monitoring and online ordering.

Anheuser-Busch InBev: AI Technology
Last year, Budweiser InBev's brewers of more than 500 beer brands such as Budweiser, Corona and Time have built a global analysis platform on Azure cloud computing platform, using AI technology to acquire and analyze beer-related data and promote it. The development and innovation of the global brewing business.

In Bangalore, India, Anheuser-Busch InBev has established a new Growth Analysis Center. The center's data researchers use AI and Azure's machine learning capabilities to view current and historical data of the company, providing a better understanding of the link between regional and brand preferences, for different regions and different types of venues (such as bars or clubs). Corresponding products and matching the beer to the taste of the customer.

At the same time, Anheuser-Busch InBev's artificial intelligence can reduce the use of planting resources and increase production during barley planting; in store sales, grasp real-time sales data, predict consumption trends; simplify employees in the supply chain and back office Mission to create more valuable activities for customers.

Technology makes it easier for consumers to drink better beer, and allows brewing companies to produce and sell more accurately and conveniently. So, what kind of black technology have you used or seen in the brewing, sales, etc. of beer?

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