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The RAPID+TCT 3D Print Exhibition successfully held and come to an end in May 23rd

During May 20th to 23rd, the RAPID+TCT 3D Print Exhibition was held at the Cobo Convention and Exhibition Center in Detroit, USA.as the most popular activity in the global additive manufacturing industry, RAPID+TCT has gathered more than 400 exhibitors, which is not only a professional exhibition, but also a best platform to find out more advanced technology in the industry, acquire more professional opinions and understanding the future development of 3d printing.


Creality3d product are exported to almost all over the world, as the most representative manufacturers of 3D printers. Creality3d are also show up at this 3d print exhibition with several new products. And specifically demonstrate 3 kinds of 3d printers which are quite popular among users in recent years, which included fdm diy 3d printers Ender5 and CR-10S PRO and resin 3d printers like LCD003, which better presenting the innovative development result of 3D printing technology in 3d printing field and expressing the attitude of creality.

At the exhibition, Creality3d gather many visitors around with the unique product design and strong interactive product interpretation. The complete product types and high precision 3d printing out amazed and absolutely Surprise people.

With all the questions that customer carried out. Our staff answered the question one by one professionally. And also having a deep conversation about how they feeling about creality3d printers and how much they know about 3d printing. One of our distributor in Canada also showed up at the exhibition and added that our printers are quite good standard and there’s no machine return. They are so satisfied with the results and wanted to make a long-term cooperation with us.

Creatity3D has always adhered to the spirit of 3D printing evangelists, stick to the road of independent research and development. At present, Creatity3D relies on its strong 3d manufacturing capabilities. The monthly production capacity of 3D printers exceeds 50,000 units, and its products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions.

The RAPID+TCT 3D printing exhibition has come to an end. But Creatty3D will always adhere to the product as the core, market-oriented, and continue to connect with the international,enable people to have a better understanding about 3d printing technology.

Since Upgrade CR-10SPRO coming out. Most people are interested in knowing when our upgrade CR10S4 or CR10S5 with bigger size will come out. Creality3d gathered some of our customers opinion about the printing size. And there’s a good new come out that our CR-10MAX finally released, 450*450*470mm with it’s upgrade functions and golden triangle appearance. But the price is still a secret now. 
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